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Beware the Copelouzos Family Art Museum (it's a scam)

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Hi folks, If the mods feel it should go in a different place, then please move it to where it is best suited.

My goal here is to reveal a pseudo-scam. It's a legit private family art collection (Copelouzos Family Art Museum) that is asking emerging artists to submit free work the museum's permanent collection (via the 35x35 Project). They woo you by making you think that they'll establish a long-term relationship with you, but they never get back to you. Also, the book the send has artist photos, so it's not even that professionally done in the end.

I wrote about my experience in this link, and I compared it to the vastly different experience I had with the Imago Mundi Project, which is similar in approach to the 35x35 Project, except that the Imago Mundi has a clear community and social aspect to it. Here is the link:

In short, they're not stealing from artists per-se (not that "we send you a check for more than the art is worth and you give the rest to our shipping company" type of scam), but they're definitely trying to take advantage of artists.

Thanks and stay safe!
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Where's the scam? No one is forced or even tricked into sending them artwork. As you say, the museum and project are legitimate. Did they contact you or did you reach out to them to get the ball rolling? Do they live up to their end of the bargain/contract? Is there a contract? Were you promised something they did not deliver?

Here's an art blogger who feels the deal is, at the very least, fair and above-board.

Now, the book thing has long been a way for many businesses to make money. Artists of all ilks - painters, sculptors, writers, etc. - and just the curious, have long been the target market for easy-to-print books sales. I bought one 30 years ago that purported to tell me about my family tree. It included publicly available information on people with the same last name as mine. There was nothing in it I didn't already know about my family, but the specifics took up about a dozen pages out of 60 - the rest was general information about genealogy. I felt I overpaid when the book arrived, but it made me want to find out the missing information, and I've been doing genealogical research ever since. I still feel the price was too much, but I don't feel cheated.

Not caring for how any museum conducts business, the quality of a product, or even how a blog is advertised, does not make any of them a scam - only that one or more people don't care for the package. And, please, keep in mind that making claims, without verifiable evidence, that any business or individual is a scam can open a person, as well as the platform used to make the claim, up to legal action for defamation and/or libel.
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