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Best White Pencil/Marker

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Hello dear Artists :)

What do you use when you want to add some light to your drawings - be them colored pencil or graphite pencil?

I use correction fluid to draw the final light touches but it's not that easy to work with it .. I have tried the Prismacolor Premier White and the Derwent Inktense White pencil but I'm not really satisfied with the results. :confused:

Thank you,
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I use the kneaded erasers for removing color....I found some that don`t leave a film on the paper that shows up during shading. Sometimes drawing is adding to the paper, sometimes it`s taking away.
I have a whole lot of white pencils that I use from different makers including conte pencils, which I use depends on the color of pencils...some colors have a higher wax content than others and I use more than one maker of colored pencils so that makes a difference too so I have to try them until I find one that works, also depends on the paper sometimes.
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