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My kid came running into the house on Saturday very excited. We had two species of bat hanging out on my front porch. Not uncommon..lots of lava tubes here and we do have several bat caves..not so normal to see two different species hanging out together though..

Pallid Bat

Western Pipistrelle
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How cool! Maybe you have enough of them around that they must be social?

Very nice pictures. Do you have a telephoto lens or were you able to get close?
LOL. I have a very good zoom lense though I wouldn't call it a telephoto. The pipistrelle was right over my front door and the pallid bat was beside it..I didn't have to do much reaching to get close to them. :smile:
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Sorry but... I just can remember one thing with all this...


Great pics!
Holy cow that's a heck of a hit. Like swatting a fly! :surprise:
AAAAWWWWWWW!!!!!! I want one!:vs_love:
I too. I can't pick which one I would want more..they were both pretty cute. Probably the pallid was more laid back.
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