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I do have an Antique Watercolour Painting that appears to have been painted either in the 19th --- or even in the 18th Century.
At the bottom Left-Hand Corner of this painting are the Initials - "J S C" .
Looking through the long list of Names of 19th and 18th Century British Artists on "Wikipedia" --- I found that there were only just 2 Artists who had the Initials "J S C".
The first was John Sell COTMAN --- and the second was John Sidney COOPER --- with the third possibility being John CONSTABLE --- although I cannot find what is the Middle-Name of John CONSTABLE.
There is also the possibility that this Painting could have been done by an 18th or 19th Century European Artist who also has the Initials --- "J S C"
I am enclosing an Image of this Watercolour Painting and also
Brown Wood Plant Rectangle Natural landscape
Wood Bedrock Rectangle Art Grass
Wood Bedrock Rectangle Art Grass
Wood Bedrock Rectangle Art Grass
another Image of the Initials ("J S C") of this Artist.
In the Image of this Painting --- there are a few "Bright Spots" --- which is nothing more than just the light reflecting off the surface of the glass that covers this Painting.
Can anyone please help me to Identify this Artist.?
Thank You very much.
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