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ARTIST WANTED – We are looking for an artist who can be as passionate about our story, The Interdimensional Dilemmas of I.A.N. and Betty, as we are.

Pre-Requisites: None. If this is your first project or if you an established artist, the position is open.

Number of scenes requested: 3-8

Medium: Sketch and Line Drawing (Black and White/Sepia-toned/Minimal Color)

Theme and Inspiration: Penny Dreadful Illustrations or Paget’s Sherlock Holmes Illustrations in The Strand

Compensation: Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any monetary compensation at this time, as it is the first story in a series and we are looking to get off the ground. Of course we will provide full credit/links/bio on the official website once it is up. If we are able to secure any funds for this, then we will be open to negotiation in the future. For the initial drawings (non-compensated), you will retain all rights.

What: The story is a SFF adventure serial featuring our two leads, Betty and I.A.N., as they visit different multiverse-like dimensions and investigate the bleeds from those dimensions into ours, the Earth Dimension. This particular tale covers the first meeting of Betty, a human who has shut herself away from the world in order to study these anomalies and I.A.N., an inveterate traveler of mysterious origin who becomes her de factor mentor - however much he may reject the role.

The first adventure finds them in a Dimension that shifts time periods, but is currently set in a world much like Victorian London with a few “minor” changes. One being that it is entirely ruled by vampires, while humans are merely pets or chattel. Together they must find the truth about what traveled through a very suspicious bleed from their Dimension, and how it did so. The question is if Betty and I.A.N.’s secrets get the better of them before this mystery can be solved?

If this sounds like your cup of tea or if you have further questions please contact us at: [email protected]

Send us a sample of your artwork along with a one or two sentence bio and your contact information. We will return in kind with the first chapter of our story. If we all feel like it is a match – then we go from there!

Special Request: We do not have a specific deadline, but appreciate inquiries from artists who can manage a reasonable turnaround time.

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