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Artist Has Been Found! No more applicants, please!


My name is Jasmine, and I am currently working on getting a website in working order. I have decided that, rather than have a normal ol’ portrait, I’d like to have a more artistic one! I had been throwing quite a few ideas around in my head until I stumbled upon a style that I absolutely loved:

These portraits were done by an artist named Saera. I attempted to get in contact, but it’s been a week, and as much as I would LOVE to commission work from her, time won’t allow it.

I hate asking for replications (I’d rather hire an artist based on what seems to come natural to them), but after searching the web, I don’t see any other artists that seem to match her gritty, unfiltered, semi-unruly style.

What I’m looking for is, basically, a portrait image like the ones previously posted (based off of a personal portrait I send), and another image of the side of my face.

The side image is going to be on the side bars/panels of my website. I will have two sides of me showing — The portrait side, and the real side. When I say the side of my face, I mean this (minus the hair):

That picture will be on one border side — middle will be text, info — picture of my actual face on the other side. Then again, maybe not. It is starting to sound a bit narcissistic.

Anyway, I plan to use this/these portrait(s) for a LOOONNNGGGG time, so… I see it as an investment.

If you think you can nail that style, shoot me an I.M.!

Looking forward to those who offer their services (which is paid for)!

Artist has been found! I say thank you to those of you who offered to help!

This thread can be closed!

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"I have decided that, rather than have a normal ol’ portrait, I’d like to have a more artistic one!" I wouldn't refer to them as more artistic.
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