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I'm both a traditional and digital artist. I do more digital works nowadays.
I do my drawings in Manga Studio, but manga studio doesn't have has much brush variety as Photoshop. Photoshop doesn't have certain controls like manga studio. Well it might, but i haven't been able to find them. I've been using manga studio for 5 or 6 years now. I'm more antiquated with how to paint in this program. i've attached a file to demonstrate what kinds of things i draw in this program.
Regardless, what would you recommend? Should i stick with Manga studio, or should i move to Photoshop? Are there perhaps any tricks or tips in Manga studio that you would like to share?
Heck, any tips in general. I like hearing other peoples ideas and recommendations.


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Thank you :D
Glad you like em!

Manga studio has a stabilization feature, it makes your brush and pen strokes steadier. The layout that i currently have in manga studio is something i don't think i could replicate in Photoshop. of course i could always just re adjust. Certain little effect features. ( a bit hard for me to explain, but something similar to adding an outline around something, or changing the colors of the entire layer) But like i said i probably just haven't been able to find them.
Regardless, any advice is appreciated.
Thanks again~

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Hi Hanna

I would like to point you to another Paintprogram.
As you wrote that you would like more Varitations
with your Brushes.

Take a look at "PaintStorm Studio", i think it would
make you happy.

For its price it is about $ 20 (it is only a one-time fee,
so no subscription like with Photoshop) it is very powerful
painting program with a very good brushengine.
It has also a Stroke Stabilizer like Photoshop.
Whereby Lazy Nezumi has many more uses
than just to stabilize a Stroke.

It has also a Demo Program with 30 uses, so
you can try it out before you buy.

Will work on PC, Mac and Linux and there is
even a Version for the iPad.

Here the Link to there Website
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