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A DIFFERENT type of Art!

Hey everyone,

I recently wrote a post at AWAKEN THE GIFT about a form of art that most people do not consider as art. Have a read!

I don't mean to insult or dismiss conventional art in anyway, haha. I'm just throwing out ideas, and offering new ways to look at the simplest of things. I participate in a sport called "Tricking". For all of those who don't know, it is a sport that combines elements of primarily gymnastics and martial arts to produce an exotic blend of movements: (not sure how to embed)

I'm writing this to encourage everyone to take a step back and look at movement in a different way. Moving doesn't always need a purpose, it doesn't always have to be pragmatic. You can do it just for the sake of doing it - for the beauty of it.

For a further elaboration of what I'm trying to say, check out the link I provided above. Leave a comment on the page too if you have something to say, I appreciate feedback!

I'm new to this site so excuse me for any mistakes, haha. I also paint and will try to upload some of my artworks in the future.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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