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It has been a lifelong passion of author and fine artist L.D. Sledge to share his rich imagination with as many people as possible, just to make them pause for a moment and look at the world through the eyes of their imagination – seeing the beauty and marvel at the wealth of colors, shapes and forms that surround us.It’s this passion that has brought us his unique canvas art, celebrating the elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air as well as the raw beauty of Nature and the Universe.
In a unique combination of colors and handcrafted multigraphic images – just like the masters of old, Sledge makes us step right into his amazing world and share his vision. And his imagination becomes yours. Every art piece is a landscape or dreamscape, or even visionscape, of things you have imagined and now see visualized.
Sledge’s work is unique in that every canvas print is a very limited edition, ranging from just one original which will never be duplicated to a maximum of 100 prints per art work. The canvas art you will acquire are rare art pieces that underscore your life style and way of living.
Our canvas art pieces neither have titles nor names – you will name them in accordance with your imagination. And thus, this vision will forever be yours.
We invite you to browse through our collection and let your imagination go free.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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