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Art books anyone?

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...that is artist books.
So, me and a friend of mine (who happens to be a designer) are sort of planning to make an artist book. Problem is, we've only a faint idea as to how to make one. Stuff you find on the internet is kinda superficial (to me, at least), so I'm asking you guys for advice.
Also, any of you ever made an artist book before?
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My advice is to write about what you know.
as in abandon the idea until I actually know what I'm doing?
or you know - just write a book and see how people accept it. then if you want to have feedback on it while you are writing
you could come to forums and ask people to read a bit in exchange for their opinions. other than that the advise can only be :

write it. make pictures for it and then give it to people publishing books and maybe they will publish yours or you try
kickstarting your written book.

just bear in mind that the majority of the people dont care about you writing a book. so you will have to make them care.
either through superb content or marketing efforts. the majority of people in the world todays specialized in the latter. sadly tho.

best of luck
Aye, thanks for the idea, but I get this feeling that you don't know what an artist book is, or at least look at the term in a rather wide sense. An artist book is a book that's a work of visual art, or is mix-media. It's different from a regular book in that it's not for reading, it's mainly for showing, kinda like an interactive sculpture or assemblage. Check it here. Hope it didn't sound rude :plain:
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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