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• WHO is Tim Burton- Background information – who was he?
• WHAT are some of the important PERSONAL DETAILS about him
• Give a general statement about WHAT he does
2. Start to EXPLAIN
• What type of art did he do?
• How did his art evolve?
• What does his artwork look like? Describe it
• Select TWO quotes and explain why they may help to understand the practice of Tim Burton
• How are Tim Burton’s films are accepted by an audience
3. Select TWO examples and explain the work and the processes that Burton went through to create this work,
Conclude with statements about how Tim Burton’s films are a successful, contemporary type of art form for a wide audience

Just a few dot points please, I seriously cannot bring myself to do this, even though it is due next month. Bonus: I'll give you my account, with the username of Tim Burton - pretty rare huh?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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