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Right, first off; apologies for that pun of a title. I’ve been hanging around for two days, but haven’t had a chance to introduce myself!

It’s in the username, I’ve sketched a lot of rats. My profile picture is a drypoint print of a rat. While rats are not the ONLY things I’ll have as the subjects of my art… most of my art is rat-centric, though I have recently spread my wings and moved onto using weird mediums.

By weird mediums, I mean that I will use nearly anything as a canvas, as long as it is somewhat sanitary. I have access to an old microwave, it’s going to get used one way or another.

For now, I will introduce myself with a planning page and final piece to one of my best artworks so far.

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My style changed massively during the finalising process, but at least I improved at drawing the proportions of a rat!
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