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An experiment - what do you think?

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OK last week I played around with using a wash on a picture (the apple and pitcher one). I was impressed how it worked. Well one problem I have been having with my portraits is shadows. So I thought I'd try putting in a shadow using a wash on a finished portrait. What do you think? A wash can't be used until the picture is pretty dry or else it just smears all the colors, but I'm thinking I like the effect.


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I never thought I could do a portrait. I was always told they are hard. Well like anything with practice it gets easier and better. So far I think I've done 12 portraits and only have three that I feel are worth keeping. There are lots of tutorials on the internet. That's where I'm getting the 'how to's' to do it. People on this forum have helped a lot with giving good suggestions. Here are two of my favorite portrait tutorials.

Thank you for the generous compliment. It means a lot to me.
Well I didn't even notice the parent site, I found the tutorial doing a search and didn't pay any attention to where it was posted. I'll check out Emptyeasel and probably subscribe to their newsletter also.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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