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Alcha • Est

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Hi to everyone, i'm Alcha Est, i'm Italian and i love drawing.
I'm study at the accademy of fine art of Bologna, and now i'm in Belgium for Erasmus.
Art Drawing Molluscs Fashion accessory Monochrome photography

Black Art Painting Cg artwork Fictional character

Jaw Art Tail Painting Snout

Gesture Art Painting Drawing Font

Mythical creature Art Painting Font Supernatural creature

This is a part of my works, i hope can you receive some critics for it. I hope to works who concept artist for videogames when i will finish the study.
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Hello Alcha Est

I just wanted to respond to your post. I also posted here and received 0 replies. It's nice to know you are interested in art and I wish you good luck. Please find someone else at this forum who has been ignored (views but no replies) and respond to them.

You can see my work at

All the best
Chris Roberts
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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