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African American Skin Tone

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Does anyone have a good recipe for black skin tone for oil painting? I am disappointed with the murky, valueless colors I've come up with. I would appreciate any advice.

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The black skin tone is sooo much fun and so easy.In fact is easier than the white one.The first thing to do when you paint someone is to take a good the skin absorbing light or reflecting it.Usually the black skin reflects light creating so much great contrasts and have the blue,the red,the yellowish,the reddish browns etc etc.What I always do is start with an undertone...and build on it.Same with afro type of hair.If you paint after a photo then make sure the photo has a great deal of contrast so will be easier for you.

This gorgeous photo has,as you can see a great deal of contrasts...and colors(to me is like looking at a flower vase lol).On the margins you notice the blue then the more you advance to the middle of the face the colors become more sweet and warm and you can easily notice the soft reds but in the middle where it shines there are some lights blues again. Very easy to paint actually.

Hope the photo will upload or I'll sound like a weirdo here :p


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Sorry, I'm self taught with only a modicum of talent. I'm picking up several great tips that have immediately made my works better. Thanks for everyone's experience!
Noo don't be so hard to yourself...we all started somewhere. Talent is important but in my opinion makes only the 1% of the artist's work.It's all about practice practice practice.
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