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Acrylic NOVICE - Which brands of paint?

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I was looking at buying abstract art for my living room, and it can be so expensive I wanted to try having a go. I'm into interesting colours - limes, turqoise, violets etc - so these arent usually available in paint sets so I'm happy to do some mixing.
I'd like advice on brands paints please, and if people know of any good tutorials (youtube, books etc) where I can learn useful information about acrylic abstract art - I'd like to do abstract flowers and patterns etc.

Now as I'm a beginner I bought a cheapish set of Reeves acrylic paints so that I didnt have to worry about wasting paint on my amateur rubbish.

I'm finding it a bit tricky blending, and splashing the colour washes as when I mix this paint with water the pigments don't seem to stick, but if I add less water I don't get the effect I'm after - I think it could be the paint quality as well as my technique? Has anyone had this experience with Reeves paints? Could any of you offer reviews on other brands of paint where I might have better luck, and what your experiences are of the difference between different brands, without blowing budget - I've heard of "student" grades such as W&N Galleria?

I'd also like a little advice about what the best kind of mediums to use, currently I've got reeves matte and gel mediums, I usually let them dry before applying paint on top - is there any advantage of more expensive mediums?

Thank you :)
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Acrylics? Or Watercolors?

Were you trying to work with watercolors? I've not experience really with acrylics but I was under the impression that you never add water to them, only to water colors? Gouach(sp?) and such?
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