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abstract painting

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so the thread by dick and thought id share my method of playing with color :)

what i do is paint acrylic dry retarder on the canvas directly. then i put some color on the wet canvas.
it will mix with the retarder while i do brush strokes. that way you can mix and push color pigments at the same time
for some interesting effects.

it takes up to 2 days until i can paint over the layer tho.

this technique is also great to create interesting backgrounds.

the first picture is the first abstract painting i made and the next is to show how i used that technique for the background
of a painting of the shoreline from a famous city... ( bonus point if you recognize it :p )


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Lovely! I really like those organic strokes you do. Very smooth. Retarder is some pretty neat stuff, have taken to using it as well. For me it seems to create just the right amount of time I find pleasant to work with.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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