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3D Modelling & Printing

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We at (link removed by moderator) are a 3D printing studio.

We can help you with making digital models of your creations. Further we can also 3D print these models for you.

If you don't have CAD skills but need to have your art expressed in 3D please ( link removed by moderator) and we will make your creation 'come alive'.

All the very best with your creative expressions:)
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Deezino I'm afraid we can't allow advertising on this forum. There are paid sponsors that have ads at the bottom of the Artist Forum page and it would not be fair to those that pay to keep this forum up and running to allow members to advertise their businesses. Your service might very well be something that an artist would be interested in so I invite you look into being a paid sponsor.
No worry, I will remove the posts. You did make a good point though. The rules about advertising is in the moderators guide which is only available to moderators so how are people to know. I will put up a comment about advertising in the introduction section of the forum.
Web site designing is way more than I can do here. I'm just like a school monitor watching what is going on and no real modifying abilities. The Artadmin does any and all modifications. I'm not real sure of the type of directory you are talking about. I've never seen one, but anyone can send a message to Artadmin with a suggestion.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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