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1DOLLARtist. New artist. Looking for advice.

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Thank you for being here. I've been working on my art collection as a full time creator since COVID-19 started.
My question is : How to develop a community? I started to upload things. But didnt got much reactions yet. Want to create NFT collection.

This is my art :

Thank you!
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Hi Daniel.. took a drive-by of your website, I really like your work... COLOR!
In order for more people to find out about your collection, you need to join various communities on thematic sites, that is, forums like this one and other large communities on sites Reddit, Quora, Telegram, Discord, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. In most communities dedicated to NFT, it is allowed to post their own works and take a self-promotion so that a large number of people will know about you. This will allow you to attract an initial audience, and then you will be able to create your own pages dedicated to your collection, for example on Instagram.
Good luck!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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