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Hello there! I am an artist with a very cartoony 2000s era inspired art style, and I have been doing commissions for the past few days. I have one slot left before I reach my goal, so if you want one please contact me asap! I may be able to finish it tonight, but if it's too late, for SURE tomorrow! Satisfaction is my goal. :)

Only $10 for a fully colored, fullbody person (real life or fictional), general character, anthro/furry, etc. I can do almost anything, except for complicated robots and mechanical things. PayPal only!
If you're interested, please let me know-- you're best bet of contacting me is via email (I have desktop + mobile notifications on) so I recommend that! [email protected]. I am new to this site and am unaware of there's some sort of way of private messaging, so please consider emailing me.


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