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  1. Sculpting
    I thought that I would make a wooden house sculpture for office hall but I want to know what is the special requirement for that kind of atmosphere(office).
  2. Sculpting
    I am a sculpture artist and running a company Incredible Sculpture and I want to improve my art or skill so which topic should I remember during the making of face sculpture by wood?
  3. Sculpting
    Some people like wooden sculpture and some like metal so which one is most demandable in the market? Give me your personal opinion on this topic.
  4. Sculpting
    Evey this looks good and pretty in its natural color that's the reason, I want to know during the sculpting of any effigy, what color we should use?
  5. Sculpting
    Generally, there are lots of quality in wood but a sculpture should be long lasting. Many types of insect-like termite can decrease the beauty of any effigy so we should select only the best quality of wood, so which is the best wood for sculpting?
1-5 of 5 Results