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  1. Watercolor Painting
    I used watercolor, pencils, and pens to make this painting. One of my friends asked me to draw her wishes, dreams, and her family,so I did it.
  2. Watercolor Painting
    Been seeing a lot of artists refer to Neutral Tint. My question is, can I use Mars Black PBk11 as a neutral tint or would it be best to attempt to mix my own type of greyish from my non grey colors? I'll just list what I have and anyone that can help would be awesome: Mars Black (PBk11)...
  3. Watercolor Painting
    Check out my cartoons here!!! 😍 My cartoons
  4. Watercolor Painting
    Dear all, I am a beginner watercolor painter. Using imagereference image as a reference image, I began painting the following my work. As you can notice, I have begun with the lighter layers but I dont know how to avoid hard edges. The purple I have applied has not so pleasing edges. Your...
  5. Watercolor Painting
    watch my new painting where it is painted within half an hour!!!:D
  6. Watercolor Painting
    here is my abstract work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1-8 of 9 Results