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  1. Work In Progress (Private)
    Hi everyone, it's my first time posting on here so, nice to meet you all, and bear with me! Here are some photographs of a very early sculptural work in progress. Really all I have here at the moment is a basic idea and model I knocked up this afternoon and a few photographs. But in one way or...
  2. Oil Painting
    Just finished. I wanted to force myself to mix some greens. Oil on canvas 16" x 20"
  3. Colored Pencil Drawings
    a 9x12 colored pencil piece
  4. Acrylic Painting
    75cm x 60cm acrylic on stretched canvas. A little girl's fascination with water. Paul
  5. Acrylic Painting
    91cm x 61cm acrylic on stretched canvas. Fishing in the tidal gutters from the beach. Paul
  6. Acrylic Painting
    100cm x 75cm acrylic on stretched canvas. This scene was created by merging two photos (top & bottom halves). Paul
  7. Acrylic Painting
    120cm x 90cm on stretched canvas, a recent work Paul
1-7 of 7 Results