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  1. Watercolor Painting
    My water color paintings look more like acrylic painting when I am done. Is this a case of not enough water or what? Thanks.
  2. Misc. Art
    I can't find anything on these pieces..can anyone help me identify the signatures I think one is a print and one maybe a watercolour. The large bus one is the signature I can't make out the country side scene is possibly L duckett.
  3. Watercolor Painting
    This is a British Water Color, dated 1896 and signed as "H. T.". Any help to identify the painter is appreciated.
  4. Need information - Who Painted This ??
    Hi, Here are some pictures of two Asian water colour paintings painted on what i think is rice paper but could be just ordinary brown paper, both by the same artist. Any help in identifying their country of origin, what year they were produced and information on the artist which i assume is K...
  5. Watercolor Painting
    Playing around with a white water beach scene ... what do you think? :glasses:
  6. Watercolor Painting
    here is my watercolour work I really interested to see feed back and comments from u friends :) it took 6 hours to finish:) and a4 paper I hope u guys enjoy it! :)
  7. Watercolor Painting
    here is my recent work:)
  8. Oil Painting
    Hi there. My name is Zulkifli and I'm from Malaysia. I love to share my passion in painting especially oil and water color. These are some of my works all the way from Malaysia. I really hope we can share everything about art. Email me at [email protected]
1-8 of 8 Results