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  1. Digital Art
    Hi! I made a video showcasing various digital art methods and styles...using the use of some Disney characters haha. Check it out and I hope you find this video insightful :) Enjoy!
  2. Oil Painting
    Stefan Baumann's lectures on painting are worth watching. If you know of other videos (on Vimeo, too), please post them here. /Mats
  3. Art Talk
    Hey everyone :) I run this youtube page and interviewed a good friend who just recently got into art! He's turned out to be very interesting since he began. You can support him and my channel by checking out this video! Thanks! Link Removed
  4. Digital Art
    o Hello everyone! I need your help with an art project. Basically, this project is about breaking things! o EVERYONE CAN CONTRIBUTE ABOUT o You can contribute by filming an object that has some kind of personal value to you while telling a story about the object, for example: who...
  5. Pen and Ink Drawing
    I've recently started sketching with pen and ink and I also enjoy video and photography. I've combined these interests in this clip in which an ink dragon comes to life. If you're a pen and ink fan (and even if you're not) I hope you enjoy it :) I'd...
  6. Showing Your Art
    Hi everyone! For my latest project I have decided to do something else. I've decided that I am not only going to broadcast live while I paint, but that I am also going to take all the ideas viewers have to offer and put them into my work. This way I want to make these paintings interactive...
1-6 of 6 Results