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  1. Digital Art
    Hi So i was looking on google images at some art and i came across this. I really like how the background was done. Does anyone know of any tutorials that can teach me how to do this. Kind regards -Whatisdraw
  2. Digital Art
    For anyone who is interested, I made an experimental process video of how I turned a Traditional Watercolor Drawing into a more polished Digital Work. This may seem pointless to a lot of artists who would just go straight to Photoshop/Painter/Etc., but may be of use to the very few who spent...
  3. Digital Art
    I'm just starting Flash through a university. It looks like a controller program I once saw for a radio station, that deleted sound bites easily. I'm a bit overwhelmed. Is the only site I can find free tutorials for it, on youtube?? I know there was another one, but it's a fee site for most of...
1-3 of 3 Results