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  1. Digital Art
    Hi, I'm looking for some experienced tablet drawers to help me out. I'm looking into buying a art tablet. As I'm a beginner with limited budget I was comparing these tablets: Nintai G20 XP-Pen Star03 Wacom One M They're about in the same price range <E150,- . Is Wacom that much better than...
  2. Digital Art
    Do most digital painters use display tablets? Is it a requirement, or can I use a tablet without a screen?
  3. Digital Art
    Hi! I'm new here, and here's one of my recent drawings. :) I drew this La Ferrari using my tablet, and I wish to become a better artist, but with life and all, I don't have much time on my hands these days. Still, I do now and then, try and catch up with my hobby. So, my art may not be perfect...
  4. Digital Art
    What would be the best graphics pad for drawing digital images? Bear in mind I am looking for a fairly cheap model, however suggestions for low to middle of the range models would be appreciated. I am looking to draw mainly cartoon images for online games if that helps your decision.
1-4 of 5 Results