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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi, Erik here. I have spent 3 decades trying to develop an alternative way to picture composition. You must have heard about Automatic drawings, doodle art or zentangles… and there are also talented artists who scribbles to make a portrait. My approach is about finding compositions from a...
  2. Digital Art
    Thought I'd give environmental art a shot. I had lots of fun trying to portray all the details, but it was also hard to keep balance between having too much and not enough detail (like with all the trees for example). Any critique and/or advice is very welcomed!
  3. Oil Painting
    Hey there, I've been working on this little piece lately. It's a self portrait. Can you guys list at least 5 things that I need to improve about it? That would be of great help. Thank you all ^-^
  4. Off Topic
    I'm not sure if this question or thread fits in this location or not, but I'm curious how others were trained? I have about 8 courses now in art/photography from a community college and a university combined, and I'm currently in a BA in Art Practices program at PSU in Portland, OR.
1-4 of 4 Results