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  1. Digital Art
    Hello! im Oujifrog and im currently taking commissions, my prices are as shown. i can draw NSFW, furries, basic humans, plush, rendering, cartoon, and animatronics. i cannot draw mechanical things like cars, trucks, boats, etc. headshot: 5-10$ halfbody: 15-20$ fullbody: 25-30$ ref sheets...
  2. Art Supplies Reviews
    This site called Hoverlay lets you put your artwork in Augmented Reality, so people can preview your work in real life size against their own wall. You will need a photo of your art, and they create a link you can share or add to your site. Here’s one link I created in Hoverlay...
  3. Art Sales and Commissions
    I put up a bunch of work, but I'm wondering if anyone ever comes to the site to buy? Does anyone have experience selling there??
  4. Art Sales and Commissions
    Hey! Is it a good idea to sell your creations online? I have some handmade accessories like hair clips, hairband, earrings etc and I am planning to sell them on crafterstown. Is it a good idea to sell them in the mentioned website? Please suggest some ideas. Thank you.
  5. Art Sales and Commissions
    Hi, I'm an English artist and writer in Miami, I've just opened an online store for t-shirts and have a strong feeling I should be using social media to market it, don't know where to begin, does anyone have any suggestions for this - something quick to read perhaps and ideally suited to...
1-5 of 6 Results