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  1. Showing Your Art
    I know its a little bit weird to post here, but I am selling some paintings on etsy & ebay but its not that satisfying to be honest to make 500-1000 $ per month, thats why I am figuring out where people also buy paintings and vintage art. Today I learned that Print on Demand on FAA is where...
  2. Digital Art
    Hello! im Oujifrog and im currently taking commissions, my prices are as shown. i can draw NSFW, furries, basic humans, plush, rendering, cartoon, and animatronics. i cannot draw mechanical things like cars, trucks, boats, etc. headshot: 5-10$ halfbody: 15-20$ fullbody: 25-30$ ref sheets...
  3. Acrylic Painting
    Hi, I tried paid services of artpal and other services like OLX but I am just not able to sell my art..
  4. Oil Painting
    Does anyone know about intellectual property law in Australia? I have created a series of paintings using other people's instagram images as the inspiration (and they look exactly like painted versions of the photos!) I just painted them for practise but I've had an enquiry from someone who's...
1-5 of 5 Results