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  1. Sculpting
    Hi guy, just wanna know where can I find different female breast shape from A cup to F cup including a side and front views, be it a stylized, realistic and/or anime breast reference, currently I am sculpting a 3D female anime model in Zbrush. I am grateful if anyone can help, thanks.
  2. Sculpting
    Hi all, Ive been sculpting with clay for some time now, and i want to try making a big sculpture for my year long project at school, however there are some things that i am unsure about. I am trying to make a life sized angel wing sculpture, so that definitely needs alot of support from its...
  3. Suggestions
    Hows it going guys? I have a very unique item. I have a studio in my local town. I enjoy spending my afternoons there after work. I showcase some of my work to my friends. Im nothing on a big scale or anything. However, I have a very unique item. I've been trying to decide what to do with it...
1-3 of 3 Results