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  1. Art Sales and Commissions
    Calling all fine artists! I am a university student and am currently researching artists who have had their work displayed in a gallery or have communicated with galleries in the past. This is for a group project, and we have a short survey that we'd love to have filled out by anyone interested...
  2. Off Topic
    I am doing research on artifacts and would love to know/ see what objects and items people are finding comfort in during this pandemic? Objects that you have a strong connection that you've found important during the past year.
  3. Art Talk
    I've recently taken it upon myself to undergo the EPQ process at my sixth form, I am having a lot of trouble finding source material like books or interviews for my question 'can animation be considered art in the same manner as a piece of art or music?' i decided it would be a good idea to...
1-3 of 4 Results