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  1. Art Talk
    As the title says, how do you find making art while mobile? This can be anything you class as "art", from photography and digital art to sculpting and traditional paint-based art. If you could, could you please go through this short questionnaire? Mobile art making Questionnaire
  2. Art Talk
    Hello! I decided to do an art magazine for my first major college project and I wanted to ask about the branding I should do for it! The main target audience of the magazine are "young" adults and teenagers (basically 15-30 year olds) so I would heavily prefer if they answered the questionnaire...
  3. Art Talk
    If you’re an artist and have a spare 15 minutes would love to hear about your experiences with back pain while creating! This is anonymous research for the development of a product design project any help would be great! Thanks! Creative Professionals' Back Posture Issues
1-3 of 3 Results