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  1. Misc. Art
    I can't find anything on these pieces..can anyone help me identify the signatures I think one is a print and one maybe a watercolour. The large bus one is the signature I can't make out the country side scene is possibly L duckett.
  2. Art Sales and Commissions
    I am only an art student however lately, a lot of people have been asking to buy prints of my work. I know of a good print shop near where I live which I've had good quality prints made from in the past, however, friends have also warned me that I should get my work copywrited first before I...
  3. Art Sales and Commissions
    I am a stencil artist and am interested in selling my work at a booth, but for that I need to make prints of my art. Whats the most cost effective printer to buy for printing prints around 18"x12". also what paper and ink should I use, I am very poor so the cheapest stuff with the best quality...
  4. Watercolor Painting
    I have painted with watercolor for a while and started by selling my originals. But customers continue to ask for the same paintings and I have to repaint them. I'd rather make prints pf the original, because when I attempt to repaint them, nothing will ever be as good as the original. Does...
  5. Showing Your Art
    Hi everyone! I've been painting all of my life, but just recently decided I'd like to try selling my work. I'm studying up to learn the best way to make prints, so that a piece can be worth more to me than just its initial sale value, BUT I feel like I'm in way over my head! So here are a few...
  6. Art Sales and Commissions
    I'm trying to decide between using a Print on Demand site (like Fine Art America) or having a shop on my own site. The biggest hitch of PODs is not being able to know who my buyers are. For obvious reasons, this is a priority for any working artist. But as I'm still 'emerging' as an artist and...
1-6 of 6 Results