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  1. Digital Art
    So I've been doing this work on the idea of landscape + mechanics and I did a photoshop here of a landscape with cogs on it. It's not quite finished but I'm out of ideas for what to do next following this piece or what more can I get out of this piece. Dear all artists out there any ideas?
  2. Digital Art
    Any advice re a graphics tool for Mac (ideally less expensive than PhotoShop if one supports this) that can: 1. Open a background image and scale to standard background size I need. 2. Define Areas - Define multiple areas on the image (e.g. Rect, Circle, Polygon) by tracing around key items...
  3. Digital Art
    Do most digital painters use display tablets? Is it a requirement, or can I use a tablet without a screen?
  4. Acrylic Painting
    Dear friends!!! how do I recreate a Masterpiece ! Detailed video tutorial of how I recreated Johannes Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl earring" you will find on my youtube channel!! Pleasant viewing and creative successes!!!I will be very grateful to comments and likes!!! Thanks in advance!!!
  5. Pen and Ink Drawing
    Hi everybody! I just sign up here and I realized than it's about traditional media only? I leave you a link to my time lapse video of a drawing made on my Wacon Cintiq Companion tablet. Please leave your comment but I especially seek for constructive criticism in aim to improve my skills...
  6. Digital Art
    For anyone who is interested, I made an experimental process video of how I turned a Traditional Watercolor Drawing into a more polished Digital Work. This may seem pointless to a lot of artists who would just go straight to Photoshop/Painter/Etc., but may be of use to the very few who spent...
  7. Digital Art
    Well, I don't even know where I was going with this one. My friend needed some ice-themed header for a blog, and she asked me :3 But I need some opinions on how does this look in the eyes of you. So, following a very important and inspirational clue (thanks btw.) I want to tag it as work in...
  8. Digital Art
    Hi guys, I'm new here so i'll introduce myself. My name is Carlos I'm 18 years ol I love to draw :D If you can, I would like some criticsques<<< about my drawings. Thanks :D Check out my facebook page ! Like for more drawings, it really helps :)
  9. Digital Art
    Hi! I'm new to this community and excited to have become a part of it. I am a musician 24/7 and a painting-artist in my sparetime. I have been working with my project >>Prodcrastination<< for quite some time, working the ladder in the underground scene. I haven't got a logo yet, I only have...
  10. Digital Art
    Here's my black and white version of malèna from the movie played by monica bellucci. I'll make the color version soon. I'm open to feedbacks on my works :)
1-10 of 14 Results