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  1. Art Talk
    What're your thoughts on Vomit Face? He's a hard man in a hard city, and the edgiest comic vigilante of all time
  2. Art Sales and Commissions
    Rubbish Randy: A Life In Shambles is now available to own! This is all 25 classic Rubbish Randy memes in a professionally stapled format. If you're a big fan of Rubbish randy or his memes, this is the ultimate collector's item! To reserve your copy, just send $5 to: Nicolas Sequeira 1424...
  3. Pen and Ink Drawing
    When I'm getting in the zone and elevated to that next level of concentration (usually when I'm supposed to be getting schoolwork done) I sit down with a few pilot pens and out come these. Feedback appreciated!
1-3 of 4 Results