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  1. Mixed Media
    I had a dream last night that I painted a mixed media painting using Crayola Crayons and soft chalk pastels. When I woke up I went to my studio and drew this little sketch using the two and actually finding out that it can be done! The paper I used wasn't quite what it needs for good success...
  2. Pastel Painting
    Here are two landscape paintings I've done on pastel paper coated with clear gesso. Both are 9x12 and I used Mungyo and Yarka soft pastels. As I am new to pastel, I'm trying different style approaches to painting with pastel. I am more attracted to the impressionistic style and not using ground...
  3. Watercolor Painting
    Hello, I'm now to this forum so hoping someone might have some pearls of wisdom for me. I'm painting some large format, abstract watercolour paintings on Khadi cotton rag papers. They are 320gsm A1 size. I love the texture of the paper and the rough edges and they are an important part of the...
  4. What's in your sketchbook?
  5. Charcoal Drawing
    Hey guys, I'm a charcoal portrait artist working on heavy tinted paper. I'm interested in experimenting with gilding silver leaf accents on my charcoal drawings. I know that gold leaf will not tarnish and therefore requires no varnish. But I'm interested in silver leaf which will need to be...
  6. Misc. Art
    Hey everyone, I am considering producing hand made recycling paper for my drawings. I would love some extra input from some artists who may (or may not) have had personal experience in doing this (process or raw materials). Much appreciated for any of your thoughts, George
  7. Watercolor Painting
    I really like the smoothness and lack of texture of the hotpress paper that I have, Fabriano 300lb I think. However, I also like to work wet in wet, and I find the quick absorption of the moisture leaves me with a lot of hard edges. I've heard that cold press has more sizing and thus its easier...
  8. Misc. Art
    I made this one today, not as hard as it looks:
  9. Misc. Art
    My Girlfriend got me an awesome gift for my birthday. I'm big on origami, but origami is evolving into a new era. Origami has gone from an Art of cute animals to a Science of geometric shapes and designs. This is among the many:
1-9 of 12 Results