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  1. Oil Painting
    Hi everyone, Would like to share with you Oleg Shcherbakov's life work around oil paintings: (no ads nor promotional content)
  2. Oil Painting
    Besides two studies, this is my first oil painting since I graduated art school ten years ago! Been working with acrylics since then but discovered water mixable oils, so I can work with oils in my basement studio! About 2/3 done I think.
  3. Oil Painting
    My name is Vitaly and I’m desperately looking for help!!! My grandfather this year will be 90 years old, and he’s been an artist all of his life. Vladimir Liberman my grandfather was born on October 18, 1931, survived WW2 (siege of Leningrad (now Saint Peterburg) ) Now living in Jerusalem and...
  4. Oil Painting
    I have been priming canvases with alkyd primer (sizing with rabbit skin glue) I like that it drys quickly and smoothly, and is almost slightly shiny compared with acrylic primers have used in the past. However I stain the canvas anyway so this isnt too important. I know rabbit skin glue has...
  5. Oil Painting
    I think I'm nearly done with this one. It's been sitting on the easel for too long now.
  6. Art Supplies Reviews
    I've heard how sable brushes can be so expensive so I prefer to use synthetic brushes that has good quality but doesn't break the bank. :crying: Please share what you currently work with and what size is the best overall for you. Thank you for your replies, Don
  7. Oil Painting
    So I usually sketch what I'm going to paint on the canvas before I paint it on there but the issue that I'm having is that I use graphite, which sometimes gets mixed with the paint. Is there something I could use instead of the graphite to put down and map my stuff first before painting that...
  8. Oil Painting
    Winnemac Park #2 2015 11x14" oil on canvas
  9. Oil Painting
    A Harvest ( Identity Games #8) 2015 11x14" oil on canvas
  10. Oil Painting
    Hello artists! In this thread I want to present to your attention my paintings. Paint with oil and acrylic. Criticism is appreciated. The first picture is the Old gate, 25x35, oil on canvas. Really I want to know your comments. P. S. I apologize in advance for possible grammatical errors.
  11. Art Talk
    I'm wondering if anyone here can "steer" me in the right direction... I'm looking for two things... I am in the business of buying and selling and need help in the art department... 1st: I have come into the possession of some art supplies, I'm wondering their value and use, or if they are...
  12. Art Sales and Commissions
    I'm looking for freelance artists to display their art at a newly opened commercial location in South Sacramento. We showcase all types or art, and no, your work does not have to fit a specific theme. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at [email protected]
  13. Off Topic
    In Romania my country,varnish for painting is quite expensive,i heard that you can make your own and get much cheaper,you buy materials in larger quantities and make at as you need it ! So any one knows how to make your own varnish for oil,tempera,guash and aquarelle (water colours) ? It will be...
  14. Oil Painting
    Oil on canvas Sunset tree landscape Painting Would love your feedback. Thanks Doris Artpaintingstudio
  15. Showing Your Art
    Some Landscape paintings to share More landscape at Regards Doris Cohen
  16. Oil Painting
    Hello all forum members, Would like to say a warm hello as today is my first day here. It is nice to see fellow artists here and get right feedback to and fro between us. I will be introducing my art work now and will post my work time to time. I am passionate towards painting and I am in...
1-17 of 21 Results