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  1. Oil Painting
    Here the key distinction is that these aren’t water-based oil paints, but they are water-soluble oil paints. Unlike what we learnt in school that oil and water do not mix, these paints have the ability to mix with the water and are easily cleanable. Water soluble means the oil paint can be...
  2. Oil Painting
    Hi! I am new to oil painting and wanted to know from an expert if my process is okay. 1. I first start with a base drawing using Gamsol and paint on a gessoed canvas. Very thin. 2. I then have a recipe of 3 parts Gamsol, 1 part Linseed oil, and 1 part Stand oil. I add about a teaspoon of...
  3. Oil Painting
    Here are some of my photos from a Hilding Linnquist (1891-1984) exhibition a couple of years ago. Swedish painter, non-dogmatic naïvist.[email protected]/albums/72157627331890945 M. Winther
  4. Oil Painting
    Started these two this is for a barnyard series that includes an already finished cow and I've got a reference for a sheep to start next, I till have to add the egg shell to have the title make more sense. I'm painting this gull for a coastal series I'm doing...and in addition to the...
  5. Showing Your Art
    Hello everyone, We would like to invite you to new online art gallery Batorówka and our fanpage on Facebook. At the moment we have the oil paintings on offer, artistic furniture and sculptures will appear in January. kind regards
1-5 of 7 Results