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  1. Oil Painting
    Preparation of canvas I take preparation of canvas quite seriously, because if it is not done properly the finished painting might get affected very badly. Firstly I stretch my canvas on my panel, rub it with sand paper to get rid of the bobbles and roughness. Then I treat it with 2 layers of...
  2. Oil Painting
    This is the process of my painting. I start my work like this. This is how I gradually move forward.
  3. Oil Painting
    It took me about 1 month, 7 sittings to finish this oil painting. How is it ?
  4. Oil Painting
    I need help identifying this painting I just came into possession of through my job. It's 12" x 6" in size. Painted on a Students Academy Board prepared for oil painting by Windsor & Newton Rathbone Place London West. It has Land's End - Cornwall (Spot Sketch) written in pencil on the back. I...
  5. Oil Painting
    Preparation of canvas I believe preparation of canvas is very important. I treat my canvas with primer first and then with gesso. I generally apply 2 coats of both the items so all of the canvas gets covered. I do not want one bit of canvas to be left out without the coat. These coatings will...
  6. Oil Painting
    1. Step 1- Skeleton of the painting This is where I create a skeleton of the painting. This will give me an idea on which direction I should take the process. This probably takes 2 days for me. One day for the background and next day for the main subject. As I do this step, while I do my next...
  7. Oil Painting
    This only took me about 3 hours. This is a study from photo. How do you people like it.
  8. Oil Painting
    I did this figurative painting in 2017. How is it ? Please share your views
  9. Oil Painting
    Thank you for your time! It’s a beautiful oil painting, but I can’t identify the artist. Please help. Thank you.
  10. Oil Painting
    Hi... just joined the forum. Picked up a brush around 4 months ago (while in lock down...Covid) after watching some old episodes of Bob Ross and William Alexander, I got hooked. But in the last month I found myself watching acrylic artists and now I'm trying follow a longs of their paintings but...
  11. Oil Painting
    but as I specialize in horses I added a horse to the painting of course... ;) It's on YouTube, let me know what you think!
1-20 of 69 Results