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  1. Oil Painting
    Does anyone know anything about these old oil paints?
  2. Oil Painting
    Help! I retouched an oil painting of mine as some dirt had gotten stuck on it. I decided to mix Gamsol with oil paint and apply it as a glaze to the surface. I don't know what I was thinking but I'm afraid it was a big mistake since previous layers were mixed with linseed. I noticed the finish...
  3. Oil Painting
    Hej. Do you know who paint this picture? Its oil in the wood. pls help when you can
  4. Oil Painting
    Hello! This is my first wave of oil painting. :smile: I just got into it at a very young age and I'm still learning. PLs critic. Thanks!
  5. Oil Painting
    Hi! I am new to oil painting and wanted to know from an expert if my process is okay. 1. I first start with a base drawing using Gamsol and paint on a gessoed canvas. Very thin. 2. I then have a recipe of 3 parts Gamsol, 1 part Linseed oil, and 1 part Stand oil. I add about a teaspoon of...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hello all, My name is Corin McCarthy and I am a final year student studying Product Design and Technology at Loughborough University. During this strange time I have been adapting my final year project for online virtual testing instead of the traditional face to face methods, and would be...
  7. Oil Painting
    Hi Everyone! I have always wondered what is better, natural or synthetic oil paints... I have found that the natural colours are always more vibrant and when mixing a wider range of colours can be achieved. I would love to know people's opinions or thoughts on this, so any input would be great!
1-7 of 8 Results