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  1. Oil Painting
    A while back I began the largest canvas id attempted in my 2 years of painting. 220x180cm to be a nude on the sofa in my studio in oils. Id love to hear your opinions on the progress so far and what you would change/keep the same. **note:in no way was I ever attempting a realistic painting, my...
  2. Life Drawing
    This is actually a linoprint, but there seems to be no category for prints here, and as regards subject matter it is life drawing - and anyway I had to draw on the lino blocks before carving and printing. Hope that's OK Click on the link for more info on the picture...
  3. Art Talk
    *I'm trying to forsee potential consequences if I start making self portraits and selling them, or doubling as a model? I have no concern about family or anything. I'm wondering how common it is in the art world to do both, and if it brings down any credibility as an artist?