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  1. Art Talk
    Hi guys, fresh blood here. My name is Anna (34f) and I have microscopic ceramic workshop in Poland. I create ceramic planters and jewellery. Usually one of a kind deals.I will attach some photos :) I want a challenge. So, I have a huge request, give me some inspiration, please! I've been...
  2. Mural and Graffiti Art
    I have a black Victorian style mirror like the one in the picture that I thought would be cool to incorporate with a wall mural in my art room. I was thinking maybe somehow make it look like a portal or something but have zero ideas. Any suggestions would be appreciated! :)
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello World, I am here to let everyone know I am in the process of creating my own website. However, I was convinced I was going to create a website for all to have the ability to post and sell there own art, but it seems there are quite a bit of other places that have had the same idea and...
1-3 of 3 Results