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  1. Misc. Art
    Hello. I am a stained glass mosaic artist in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I just started working on a project that has slightly larger pieces. I used the same Weldbond adhesive that I’ve always used (starts white and dries clear). However, I cannot get it to dry between the larger pieces of glass...
  2. Showing Your Art
    Hello all, I created my Youtube channel for showing houses decorated with my mosaics. I use small stones from rivers with acrylic colors. Please, send me comments/feedbacks, either here, or on the Youtube channel or at my e-mail: maestronicandro _AT_ ! Regards from Italy, Maestro...
  3. Art Talk
    This is an oldie but goodie.... A while back I wanted to make a nice gift from scratch. I was in school and during my breaks I decided to go to home depot which was conveniently next to pearl paint, $200 later this is what I made.... I used a nail gun to make a frame that would easily fit...
1-3 of 3 Results