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  1. Digital Art
    I was wondering if someone wanted to help me with a project. I can't promise money, but if the project gets popular, you will get 50%. I can assure it. I'm not sure this is a place to ask for help, but I would someone is willing to draw panels for a webcomic I'm doing. If there is a better place...
  2. Acrylic Painting
    "She 'Bout It" - she doesn't need any man in her life. Quite frankly, she doesn't need any one. Gets her own money, pays her own bills and plays the game better than anyone else. She will chew you up, and spot you out without messing up her make up. She 'bout it
  3. Acrylic Painting
    "blinded by money" - if being blind to the truth isn't bad enough, imagine being blind to truth because of money. Girls stay with dudes with cash and get treated terribly but can't see it. There's a metaphoric blindfold made of money over their eyes.
1-3 of 7 Results