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  1. Oil Painting
    Good site about colours, pigments, mediums, mixing, etc. Science of Colour
  2. Oil Painting
    Hello! I'm new. I'm especially interested in oil painting techniques, including different mediums, etc. In fact, this was an obsession with the Old Masters, who kept many secrets from each other. Something which has caught my attention is Hard Wax Oil, which is used as durable finish for wood...
  3. Art Talk
    I'm wondering if anyone here can "steer" me in the right direction... I'm looking for two things... I am in the business of buying and selling and need help in the art department... 1st: I have come into the possession of some art supplies, I'm wondering their value and use, or if they are...
  4. Acrylic Painting
    I'm very new to acrylics and to this forum and I'm hoping I can get some advice from those of you with acrylic experience. I am intrigued by abstract paintings and the various ways of achieving beautiful and imaginative results. I'm not there yet but I need some advice concerning acrylic...
1-4 of 4 Results