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  1. Art Talk
    This Thread is for EVERYTHING related to Video Art. Video Art is a truly unique way to create Art. :Norton: As an Artist feel free to share everything related to your Craft. - Finished Artworks - The Process of you Creating Art - The Process of Shooting/Planning Be open and exchange freely...
  2. Acrylic Painting
    "Heart Eater" - she will chew you up and spit you out with no remorse for your feelings. She breaks men down to make them feel like they are 2 feet tall. She'll kill a mans ego and break his heart without blinking an eye
  3. Acrylic Painting
    "She 'Bout It" - she doesn't need any man in her life. Quite frankly, she doesn't need any one. Gets her own money, pays her own bills and plays the game better than anyone else. She will chew you up, and spot you out without messing up her make up. She 'bout it
  4. Acrylic Painting
    "silenced by love" - holding back your beliefs, feelings, or emotions for the sake of love. Being proverbial "silenced" for the love and respect for someone you love. Don't ever sacrifice your happiness for someone else.
1-5 of 5 Results