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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi All, Having been an artist since the day I was born, it's taken until the age of 53 to finally been able to take the step of leaving the day job to try and earn my keep from my artwork. I'm not there yet, as my beautiful wife is still propping me up financially, but I'm ever the optimist and...
  2. Showing Your Art
    Two of my recent paintings, as I concentrate on details in nature.
  3. Oil Painting
    The past four months I was back home living with my family and did not have access to paint. The entire four months I was drawing (I made around 350 drawings that I hope to turn into a book). I recently moved back to my place and did 5 paintings in around two weeks. I'd like to know people's...
  4. Watercolor Painting
    Sorry for the poor quality of the photo...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi everybody, I am a painter who does lots of landscape paintings, portraits, and every once in a while some commissions. I recently started a YouTube channel that shows time lapsed videos of my latest work, which I include some tutorials as well. I have been painting for about 25 years, and...
  6. Graphite Drawing
    Hey All, I am a retired Science Teacher that also worked as a Marine Biologist. I am also a vet, spending some time in the desert. I guess that is what ultimately made me settle down in Arizona. A few months ago I decided to learn painting, but a close friend talked me into learning graphite...
  7. Pastel Painting
    Here are two landscape paintings I've done on pastel paper coated with clear gesso. Both are 9x12 and I used Mungyo and Yarka soft pastels. As I am new to pastel, I'm trying different style approaches to painting with pastel. I am more attracted to the impressionistic style and not using ground...
  8. Oil Painting
    Hiya, just finished another painting. The photo is terrible but the real thing is pretty nice and I'm happy with it. Tried to make it as romantic as possible. The scene is from San Francisco, these houses are called The painted ladies. What do you think, shit or potential? I also have a video...
  9. Oil Painting
    Just finished. I wanted to force myself to mix some greens. Oil on canvas 16" x 20"
  10. Pen and Ink Drawing
    This was my first attempt at any kind of landscape, I've been working through the concepts I want (Both story and art) for an RPG I'm working on, and I wanted to come up with a menu background. With a vague idea, a Kuretake pen, and my sketchbook, I took to the kitchen table and drew whatever...
  11. Oil Painting
    I was thinking about climate change while painting this. I think it's a sad painting of a boat abandoned at the side of disappearing lake yet the eagle still hopes for rains to return.
  12. Oil Painting
    Winnemac Park #2 2015 11x14" oil on canvas
  13. Digital Art
    Hey guys, it's Orion again! I haven't been on in god knows how long, but here are some landscape pieces that I did. Hope you all like it! :D Critiques are welcomed!
  14. Digital Art
    I find this amazing video on youtube and I like it, I wanted to share. here is the link: this guy says he discover evidence, ruins, structures, in cyberspace. like a new world in hyperreality, or something like this :) it looks like glitch obsession...
  15. New Member Introductions
    Hello, So I'm 36, been doing art my whole life. Over the past few years I've basically shelved most of my painting, drawing and writing and have focused more on my garden art/dry stone sculpture/land art/whatever you wanna call it. Once upon a time I worked in various media, creating kind of...
1-18 of 24 Results