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  1. Digital Art
    Been posting art on the internet for a while, and I'm just now starting to take it a little bit more serious. Check out my work Leave some feedback
  2. Graphite Drawing
    Hello there! I am an young artist and obviously, I love to draw and create art. If you could just take a few moments to check my Instagram page @olympus_stuido837 and support me I would really appreciate it, it means a lot to me =D. Thank you so much for your time and I hope u love what I did as...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi, My name is Sarah. I recently made an art account on instagram (sarahxhandxart) , I have only 60 followers which are people from my school and who don't have any interest in art , I was wondering If anyone here could follow me and I will follow them back :) I also do free commissions too!
  4. Art Talk
    I want to share with you some ways I find inspiration when I'm looking for a new subject to draw or have a drawing-block. We've all been here when you don't know what direction to go next or how to improve on your techniques. Here are some of my solutions. Also I would appreciate it if you have...
  5. Digital Art
    I am a new artist, slowly building a social media following. There was a small time celebrity looking for artists for a project in September. She put it out there as a contest and I "won" the call, but have to sign over all rights to my work and will not be paid or credited anywhere on the...
  6. Oil Painting
    Does anyone know about intellectual property law in Australia? I have created a series of paintings using other people's instagram images as the inspiration (and they look exactly like painted versions of the photos!) I just painted them for practise but I've had an enquiry from someone who's...
1-6 of 7 Results