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  1. Pen and Ink Drawing
    I got this beautiful well framed artwork recently. After research I learned it’s a depiction of Limpiao and Maria Bonita. Two famous bandits from Brazil, sorta the Bonnie and Clyde of Brazil. I can’t find this image anywhere, seems to be signed by artist and dated possibly 2014? Anyone have any...
  2. Pen and Ink Drawing
    this is the video and i want to know if a viewer will learn from this. turn on subtitles.
  3. Pen and Ink Drawing
    Hi, This video tutorial made by Crafts n' Creations to teach you how to draw a Super Easy Mandala with Patterns Tutorial. we hope you enjoy our video.
  4. Mixed Media
    Hey! New to the forum and need a little advice if anyone would be kind enough to assist... I recently finished a commission of acrylic and watercolour base (not my usual painting style, I was asked to paint a character from a children's book (ugh) and to use watercolour - which I hate, so I...
  5. Pen and Ink Drawing
    I have been drawing for awhile now trying new mediums. The one medium I am learning to use sharpies. The artist that use sharpies are tattoo artist. Yes I am learning to draw tattoos only because I have had great success selling tattoos than my charcoal art. Sharpies can be used to draw hard...
  6. Pen and Ink Drawing
    I've recently started sketching with pen and ink and I also enjoy video and photography. I've combined these interests in this clip in which an ink dragon comes to life. If you're a pen and ink fan (and even if you're not) I hope you enjoy it :) I'd...
  7. Showing Your Art
    Time Lapse:
  8. Pen and Ink Drawing
    When I'm getting in the zone and elevated to that next level of concentration (usually when I'm supposed to be getting schoolwork done) I sit down with a few pilot pens and out come these. Feedback appreciated!
  9. Pen and Ink Drawing
    I've been experimenting with natural materials-berry juice and feathers. I carved out a feather quill and crushed some poke berries and went at it :p. This is just on scrap cardboard, and the design is whatever you want it to be (I call it the fiber of life since everything seems to be made of...
1-9 of 11 Results